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THE ENCORE【限定生産】先行予約開始2021.04.24-0:00

販売価格 価格 ¥198,000 通常価格 単価  あたり 


NEW FOR '84 - '2021


GO OUT CAMP vol.16 at ふもとっぱらに登場
国内早期デリバリー8月中旬予定分-GO OUT CAMP現地にて予約分は特典付

THE ENCORE ( アンコール)

A full size, freestanding 61sq. ft.
family tent with a view to the sky-in an incredible small 22lb. package.

A new generation in family tent design.
A full size, freestanding, stand up tent in a small lightweight package.
The framework is a strong shockcorded fiberglass that knocks down into easy to pack 30inch segments.
The roomy 61 square feet packs into an incredibly small 9inch by 30 inch bag-yet weight only 22piunds!

For use as an expedition basecamp or for group backpacking, an even more lightweight 16 lb. version with Easton Aluminum frameworks in offered.
Where weight is critical this generous 6lb. weight saving is available for an additional cost.

ENCORE( アンコール)テントはSTARGAZERに触発されたモデルで、新しい機能を組み込まれています。アーチにカーブされたサイドウォールによってインテリアスペースが拡大されてます。





Av.Total Wt. : 16lbs (Easton Alum frame) (7.3kg)
Sleeping Cap : 2-6
Freestanding : Yes
Ceiling : Netting
Body: 1.9oz MMC ctd Taffuta Nylon 100%, MMC ctd Ripstop Nylon 100%
Rainfly : 1.9oz. MMC ctd Ripstop Nylon 100%
Floor : 1.9oz. MMC ctd Ripstop Nylon 100%
Framework :7075-T9 Easton Alum.
Floor Area : 61 sq. ft (5.7㎡)
Rolled Size : 2'6" x 9"
Color : Body Tan, Cream , Burgundy Floor, Rainfly : Tan, Burgundy trim
* MMC加工ー耐水圧12,000m~

PRICE: 198,000 JPN ( Tax in) MADE IN JAPAN

先行予約開始 2021.APR.24 →デリバリー:8月中旬予定